Import & Custom Tax


The customs tax is in accordance with the value on the invoice, it is the fee which charge from importer. The customs value depends on your country's tariff policy.
As usual, we declare the customs value according to our usual practice, unless you want to declare on your own needs.

Who is in charge of the clearance of the items If the items are detained by customs?
We will help you with the customs clearance; we ensure that we could assist you actively if you need. But it needs the assistance both of us.

How much we should declare for the invoice?
Usually, the customs value will be declared according to the item value and the quantities your orders, in order to not bring any trouble when passing customs clearance.
If the item value is too high plus your country's customs clearance is very strict, please instruct us fill the invoice with the items’ name and declared value.
And all Brazilian buyers please tell us your CPF number before we send out your parcel.